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Hi there,

So you’ve started your own business or you’re thinking of setting one up and you’ve been told a great way to publicise it is to blog about it?

Or you just feel the urge to write everything down, or you feel you have expertise that you’d like to share so that you can potentially help people?

Are you any of these?

Blogging is very trendy these days and some people don’t even need to have a business to blog about, their blog is their business! They get such a big readership and following that advertisers pay them to be on their blog!

But for the majority of us, we’d like to ideally monetise our blog, HOWEVER the no. 1 most important thing is to GIVE VALUE! So don’t plug your business too much as this will turn people off. People want to read something that benefits them, they’re not interested in being sold to.

Here are some top tips to help you when you’re thinking about blogging:

  • Blogging is FREE! So if you don’t have any or just a small budget then blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website, Facebook page or wherever you want people to go to. You don’t have to pay to write anything, nor do you pay to syndicate/distribute your blogs.


  • It’s great for SEO – Search Engine Optimisation as people will be searching for keywords that come up in your blogs, and therefore your blog is likely to come up.


  • It’s also great for long term results. Don’t worry if you don’t have much of a budget for paid advertising, as blogging is better in the long term anyway for getting subscribers/leads. People who watch you and read and enjoy your content are more likely to subscribe eventually because they trust you and feel they have a rapport with you. It will take longer than paid advertising but if you keep at it, blog regularly and always provide good quality content, then your list will organically grow.


  • After writing your content you can then link it round to your business, for example I’ve written about tips to help with procrastinating, then at the end of my blog I’ve related it to my business and added a link to my landing page. So if people don’t want to go any further, that’s fine because they’ve gained some benefit from reading your blog, and they may come back to you because they like what you have to say.


  • Keep your blog relatively short and simple, approx 400 words. Bullet points and paragraphs are also good because they break up the text so it looks tidier and more reader friendly.


  • Have a catchy title to get people’s attention, such as ‘How To ….’, ‘Top 10 …. Tips’, ‘The Best Way To …’ or use a celebrity’s name who you can link in with your post.


  • Conduct your own research on social media through polls, surveys and questions and then discuss the results in your blog. This shows credibility because you’ll have references and you’re also interacting with people.


  • Comment on books you’ve read and extract certain points that have been poignant for you and why. You can also quote parts that you feel might help others. I love reading Tony Robbins so sometimes discuss his advice.


  • Piggyback off the news and commentate on news that is relevant to your business. Because it’s current and something people are talking about, it will make your blog more prominent.


  • Make it personal and give your point of view. This blog is your baby so enjoy it and show your passion. Passion is infectious so people will see this come across in your writing.


  • You can use a self hosted platform to blog on, such as your own website (just buy your own domain which costs very little from sites like or you can use a blog site such as which is part of Google or another one called Digital Bloggers, which is free when you’re part of the business I work with. Click here for more info about my online business and how it works. Digital Bloggers uses WordPress which is a straightforward platform to use and gives you a wide choice of themes among many other attributes. My website is built on WordPress too.


  • An exciting statistic is that approximately 60% of businesses who blog will have more customers so this proves it’s worthwhile blogging.


  • And finally, blogging is great for networking. Your readers can comment on what you’ve written and ask questions knowing they’ll get a personal reply. So again this adds to the personal touch, gains trust and builds rapport.


I hope my article has been of help to you. As I mention above, I’d love it if you have any comments or questions!

I’ve learned all of these blogging tips in the last year through my online business. So if you’d like to take a peak at the FREE online training course I highly recommend then just click here to register with just your name and email address.

Thank you for reading!

Lisa x

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