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So being a mum of two little munchkins now, one just turned three and the other almost six months old (already! I can’t believe it!), I’ve come across, or rather stumbled upon some time saving tips and some parent/baby hacks! I thought I’d share them with you to see if my suggestions could be of use to you too!

time saving

Would you love to know how to save time as a busy mum?

As I go about my busy, hectic life where I don’t even have time to scratch my own you know what, it’s so handy and downright necessary to save snippets of time wherever you can! Just so you can do something else!! Or even if it means you can sit down for a little break with chocolate and wine! My partner thinks all I do is meet my mummy friends at coffee shops and go to Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc kiddie parties! Yes I do do those things, along with the cooking, cleaning, washing, ironing, entertaining and playing with the children! Plus I’m sure I do more as I never have time to sit down! Although I did discreetly watch Sam Faiers: The Mummy Diaries today and fast forwarded through the adverts!

So anyway, here are my top time saving tips!

Tip #1 Tummy Time

You know your health visitor, your baby apps and leaflets you get are always saying to make sure baby has plenty of tummy time? And you do give your baby tummy time, but perhaps not as often as you should, either because they don’t particularly like it, or because you’ve forgotten! Both for me! So in addition to doing specific tummy time (those times when you do actually remember!) why not lay baby on his or her tummy when you’re going to the loo? (I leave Toriana outside the bathroom with the door open as mine is too small and has a tiled floor! Or while you’re getting dressed, putting the washing away, straightening your hair or putting make-up on, put baby in cot on his or her tummy! You may be laughing at the last two suggestions – straighten hair and put make-up on! When on earth do I get a chance to do that I hear you say! I was half joking! I think I’ve only straightened my hair about six times since November 10th 2016! (Yes that’s Toriana’s birth day!) Even make-up goes out of the window most days if I actually want to get someone slightly late as opposed to really late!! Anyway I digress, now to…

Tip #2 Clean The Bath While In The Shower!

This may sound odd, but once you’ve had a good wash, then why not clean the bath with your regular detergent! That’ll save you thinking at another time “God I’ve got to clean the bathroom!” Then once you’re out and dry, quickly go round and do the rest of your bathroom, then it’s done, Boom!

Tip #3 Breast or bottle feeding baby while entertaining toddler/eating etc

This is something I do through necessity rather than choice, but still it’s a little time saver! When you’re feeding your baby, you could be reading to your other child(ren), playing with them, chatting with them. Also if need be, you can learn to eat and cut food one-handed while feeding baby! Or get someone to cut up your food for you first! Lol!

Tip #4 Make batches of food and freeze them

This is quite an obvious one, but still a lot of us don’t actually do it! But to save hours cooking a different time consuming meal every evening (or lunchtime) make a batch and freeze it! It could be chilli, lasagna, bolognese, pies, soup etc. I know it’s a bit of hassle at first but you’ll be so glad the next day or next week when you can just defrost something from the freezer and not need to turn the kitchen into a bombsite of dirty pans and trays!

Tip #5 Online Shopping

This is a life saver! At first my partner didn’t want to do this as he thought it was for lazy people! Ha! You try doing a fortnightly shop with a toddler who wants to put everything in the trolley and a small baby who feeds on demand! So now we just click on what we want (have my orders saved!) and bingo, a man and a van come to drop all this food at our door!

I’ll leave you with these five for now and I’ll come up with another bunch soon! As I’m sure you know, us mummies don’t have a lot of time to do a lot! And that includes reading long blog posts! So look out for more tips from me asap!

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Bye for now and see you in the next post!

Lisa x

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