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The SFM: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Who Are The SFM?

The SFM Stands for ‘Six Figure Mentors‘ which is a company headed up by two extremely experienced internet marketing entrepreneurs called Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek. They set up the company in 2010 to deliver a coaching and mentoring business that helps people (anyone of any age and ability) to earn their own income online.

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Everything You Need To Know About The SFM!

In the 7 day video series that you get for FREE, you’ll begin to understand the idea of Affiliate Marketing and how you can earn an income from it, literally by using your laptop, tablet and also smart phone. Because the digital world is a whole new thing for most people and a lot of us are not technical, we shy away from it. However the SFM are aware of this and have created a business model that we can take and use as our own.

You literally can start from scratch with no technical knowledge, no products or services to sell. Or if you have already started something and want to build an online presence, then the SFM can help you achieve this too.

Being an affiliate marketer basically means you are selling or recommending someone else’s products or services and you make a commission for doing so.

Becoming a student of the SFM entitles you to a huge array of training, live webinars, Facebook groups and an amazing online community of like minded people who you can learn from and even make lifelong friends!

*DISCLAIMER: Individual results will vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee any results.

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