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Are you a mum who prefers to be out and about with your little one(s)? Or to be at home with them? Read on to see how I became a stressy mummy today!

Stressy Mummy

How To Cope Looking After Two Little Ones!

I had a stay at home day today! Oh my God! How tough was that?! Normally I like to take the children to baby and toddler groups, the park, seafront, child friendly cafes or meet friends for play dates. There my toddler Tommy can roam free and play with his friends while I watch but sit with baby Toriana on my lap or play mat, chatting to my mummy friends! If one of us needs to the loo or to grab a drink etc, we can just hand our babies over to each other! Also the ladies who run all the groups love a baby cuddle! That’s handy too so I can get down on the floor and play with my cuddly toddler!

A Fight At The Doctors!

So back to today, we stayed in because the little dude had had a bit of a temperature over the weekend. I called the doctor as was concerned he was still a bit hot. We got an appointment for 45 minutes later so after a quick shower and dress, we jumped into the train (my long but trusty double buggy)! Tommy is not a great patient, in fact he’s an absolutely awful one! He would not let the triage nurse get near him! Like a raving loony he went mental so the nurse called a receptionist upstairs to hold Toriana while I literally restrained him with all my might! So during that I did feel like a stressy mummy, just managing to stay calm!

After all that, he’s absolutely fine! But I’m happy to just be reassured that he’s ok. We briefly pop to the shops on the way home and Tommy says he doesn’t want to go home. He wants to go to the beach and a caffy (as he calls cafes)! Hmm does that mean I take him to cafes so often he expects it?!

My House Is A Mess!

So we get home to the messy house that I look at in despair! I think I really do need to put those loads of clean washing away, put more washing on, hoover, dust, wash up! So much to do, so little time! Arrghh there goes stressy mummy again!

I manage to get the clean clothes put away while propping Toriana up with pillows and a toy to entertain her while chatting to her. She does flop over a couple of times as I see when I turn around! I keep thinking of the song “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”! She does though! Only on the bed though and she’s just learning about sitting up!

I manage to wash up about two items before Toriana needs a feed. Then Tommy does this massive poo in the potty so I have to clean him one handed as Toriana has fallen asleep on me. I try to transfer her to the buggy carry cot for the rest of her nap but she wakes up so I end up walking her up and down the house trying to get her back to sleep. It worked the other day but not today!

Do You Sling Your Baby?

So I stick her in the sling and she quickly nods off! I make Tommy his lunch which was pasta and my new sauce/soup copied from the Tesco advert! He loves fruit but other than that he’s not the best eater! So yesterday I made a soup with sweet potatoes, carrots, courgette, onions and red cabbage and tomato passata! So I reheated a little potful today to add to his pasta! Not quite as red as plain passata but never mind. He did scrunch his face up a bit and knew something dodgy was going on but luckily he did eat most of it! Ha! That felt good to get some veg into him!

As I said he did eat it, but with my help as today he wants me to feed him! I say I’ve not fed you for about two years so why today?! So I feed him his pasta knelt on the floor still with Toriana in the sling, which was not the most easiest of positions! At one point he knocked the plastic fork I had in my hand and pasta sauce flicked everywhere, including our nice new fluffy carpet! Arrggghh! Thank God it’s dark brown!

No Time For Stressy Mummy

Then I eventually get to eat my lunch. I have the soup (same as his pasta sauce but thicker) and crusty bread which I manage to eat hovering it over Toriana’s head while she sleeps in the sling.

Still no time for washing up or hoovering. I’m sure I get more housework done when I’m out! Not sure how that works, but that’s what it feels like!

I’ve realised I’m going on a lot, so I will make this post a two-parter! Yes you must need a break too! Click here to read the second and final installment of my stressy mummy crazy day!

Lisa x

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