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Thanks for rejoining me! Its good to get this out! I’ll continue with my post about being a stressy mummy! If you missed part one, just click here.

Stressy Mummy

Arts & Crafts

Tommy asks to do some painting so we go into the conservatory and do a bit of that, plus glitter stickers and sticking tissue paper on to card! Not the most imaginative of crafts I could do with him, but I watched the last idea on Cbeebies Mr. Maker! I thought easy, even I can do that! Bought all the crafty stuff from Poundworld, which I thought was a bargain!

Then we move on to mini Subuteo while Toriana sits in her rocking chair with the dangly toys in front of her. All of a sudden she pokes her little face out from behind them as she pushes herself forward! She won’t last much longer in that chair I guess!

Give Me Chocolate!

A bit later she needs a feed so we go back in to the lounge. Tommy wants to watch kids YouTube on the Ipad so I reluctantly let him. I don’t like him watching it too much but after a long day indoors I just think Have It! Then I could sit down and feed in peace! Not forgetting the last remaining chocolate digestives I gobble down before settling down to feed!

Daddy’s home time arrived, so I could actually go to the loo by myself! Ahh bliss! I did actually stay in the bathroom for a few extra minutes, just because I could!

More Stressy Mummy

Making dinner was very difficult because Tommy suddenly became very cuddly and clingy and wouldn’t let me go. He was having a bit of a tantrum which got worse. I said he could come in the kitchen with me while I cooked but he kept going too close to the hob with pans of boiling water on and nearly tripping me up. So for his safety he had to go back into the lounge and daddy had to deal with the tantrum! At first Toriana was just quietly watching the racket that was going on but then started to get upset so I slung her in the sling again while I made the dinner!

Soon it all goes quiet so I come out of the kitchen and see the tired little monkey asleep on daddy! Dinner’s ready so again I eat with baby girl in the sling asleep, only dropping one tube of macaroni and some onion on her. Daddy tries to unwrap himself from the sleeping toddler but he still is very cuddly and sleepy so Tony has to eat with his dodgy right hand (he’s lefthanded!) whilst cuddling Tommy with the left!

Ahh Bedtime!

Then it’s bedtime! Again luckily daddy did this, with another tired tantrum (he’s not usually like this, so it’s probably because he is a little poorly even though the nurse said he was fine!)

I feed baby girl as she drops off to sleep. It does take three attempts to get her to stay asleep in cot but that seems to be the norm!

And so here I am, writing this as I sit in bed! Now off to sleep for me I think! Thankfully we’ll be getting out of the house tomorrow as days in are so stressful! Give me a toddler group, a cafe or a play date any day!!

Read This Book!

Anyway if you want a bit of bedtime reading, take a look at this book called The Conscious Parent. It’s about parenting from a different standpoint. It helps you to understand your children’s behaviour and respond in the right way as opposed to just telling them off for something you think they’re doing wrong! There’s a lot more to it than that and it really opens up your eyes and makes a lot of sense in this crazy job called parenting! It’ll help you to be less of a stressy mummy!

Click below to view the book on Amazon.


Have a great week and enjoy your little monkeys!

Lisa x

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