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MeditationHi there!

What do you think of this cool pic to the right?! Saw it on my Pinterest when I typed in meditation!

This so should be framed and put on my bedroom wall where I’d see it everyday!  Anyway if you’d like to click on the picture you’ll see my video about the simple meditation technique I use daily and how I do a meta story.  Have you heard of the latter?!  I hadn’t until I started my online business, but it’s a great thing to do to get you in the motivated and positive frame of mind that you need to be successful in your own business.  It’s about imagining and seeing through your own eyes how you want you life to be.

My stress relief technique for busy mums is to meditate.  I’m still a beginner, however I learned such a simple and easy technique that I can do it everyday before I even get out of bed!  I explain it in the video but basically it’s laying down with one hand on your chest and one on your tummy and taking deep slow breaths.  To ensure the breaths are slow count to 10 when you inhale and exhale.  It may seem a long time to do that but you really fill up your lungs and you can just count to as high as you can up to 10 and over time you’ll make the 10 seconds with practice.  Also because your concentrating on the length of the breath you’re not thinking about anything else.

Going back to meta stories, I’m just reading a great book at the moment by Tony Robbins called Awaken the Giant Within and he talks about how you have to really understand the meaning of making decisions.  He says the three decisions that control your destiny are what you focus on; thinking about what things mean to you and what you need to do to create the results you want.  So you can create you own meta story by writing it down (various times required with lots of deleting or scrubbing out probably!) then once you have your perfect life, imagine it everyday.  But you still need to be grateful for everything that you currently have.  The more you are grateful for what you do have, the more things you will receive that you really want.  I usually imagine and really feel my meta story after meditating and I get up feeling so buzzing and happy that only good things can happen to me that day because I’m open to receiving happy good things!  Does that make sense?!

Here I’ll attach a link to Tony Robbins’ book that I mentioned above so please do take a look as he has helped tens of thousands of people learn about the power each person has inside of them to change and improve their lives.

And lastly I’ll leave you with this… Learning about all of the above has actually come about through starting my own online business from home.  Within the Six Figure Mentors, who I am an affiliate for, we not only learn advertising, marketing, social media, branding, blogging and so on skills, but we learn how to realise who we really are and how we can help ourselves in general life, as well as help others.  So I’m loving earning whilst learning so many valuable technical and personal skills!  Just click here if you’d like to find out a bit more about the business that I’m so passionate about!  You’ll just need to register with your email address and you’ll get 7 free videos about online marketing from my mentors Jay and Stuart.

Thank you & I wish you the best of luck in meditating and any ventures you’re thinking of starting!  If you would like to get in contact to ask any questions, please feel free to do so in the following ways.

Lisa x

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