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Being a mummy to two little munchkins now, I’m always interested in reading top parenting tips and advice about how to give your children the best start in life! Along with books and parents’ advice, we now have a ridiculous amount of social media and internet help! We have ideas and parenting tips coming out of our ears, and whether we take them on board or not, it’s so helpful to have all this advice! Here are a few of my favourite….

parenting tips

Top parenting tips for raising young children!


Tip #1 Moody Mummy

After giving birth, a mummy’s hormones go into overdrive which can therefore make you very moody, tearful and stressed. That’s even before you mention lack of sleep! Oh no! Good start! After my toddler boy not being a great sleeper as a baby, I was so happy when my baby girl (who’s now six months old) seemed to be sleeping really well!

From week two to week twelve we did co-sleep and she’d only wake once or twice in the night for a feed (from about six weeks)! So we then moved her over to the cot (still in our bedroom) to hopefully carry on this amazing sleep!

But at four months old it all went downhill! Now she wakes rather a lot! In fact this evening (which is when I get to write my posts) she has already woken up four times! It must be for comfort as she’s definitely had lots of milk! When my first bubba did this (at one point he woke every 30 minutes!), I would feel quite stressed! I’d think “why does everyone else’s baby sleep except mine?!” But now, I just think, “oh well, things will get done when they get done”! My little girl feeling comforted is the most important thing right now.

My toddler was the same and he’s a great sleeper now, so I know the sleep deprivation does come to an end! So be moody, have a good old cry, or a fake laugh (honestly this does work! More about that in this book here – Laugh Your Way To Happiness).

So the first of my parenting tips is to get it out of your system and know that being moody is completely normal and don’t feel guilty about it.


Tip #2 Postpone the perfume

Many mums probably don’t know this, but it is best not to wear perfume around young babies. Their respiratory system is not very mature yet so they can’t really cope with inhaling strong scents, such as perfume, aftershave, air fresheners, body sprays, hairsprays and deodorants. Obviously you can wear deodorant but just don’t spray it near baby! I love my Chanel Chance perfume, but by not wearing any for a little while, I’m just making it last longer! See, just look for the positive in everything you can!


Tip #3 Baby Massage

Massaging your baby is great for calming them down if they’re fretful, helping them to sleep better and longer, a one on one activity to do with them and most importantly a lovely way to bond with your baby. There are courses all around the country which offer baby massage which also include other calming activities. If you’re local to Portsmouth, UK then I highly recommend this course which I did with both my babies.  They are also in others parts of the country, click here for The Daisy Foundation. Now that I take my baby to all the toddler groups it was so nice to just take her to this calming baby specific group! Ahh peace and quiet!!


Tip #4 Share you baby

Some mummies don’t like to let others hold their babies, which is fine and totally up to the mummy. However it is actually a good thing, if you can bear to break away from your baby! I don’t mean for you to go away, but just by letting others hold your precious little one, they can become less clingy and more at ease when looked after by others.

Plus it means you can have a little break! My baby girl is often being held by people and she’s just so chilled and happy being cuddled! Because I have a toddler as well, I have found having willing baby cuddlers a life saver! Say if my toddler needs the toilet (he’s only recently potty trained!) or he wants me to play with him or get something for him, I do often ask for baby cuddle help if it’s not already offered! All the ladies at the toddler groups we go to have held my baby, along with my mummy friends!


Tip # 5 Be a chatterbox

Did you know it really helps your baby’s brain development if you always chat to them? I remember being told this when my toddler was a baby and I tried it but felt a little silly talking to him at first! I thought he can’t understand me! But the more I did it the more natural it became.

I just narrated what I was doing and used simple repetitive words.  This is better than using complicated sentences and changing the words all the time because if you use the same words for things then they’ll start to recognise them. Don’t say bird one minute then seagull the next, then pigeon the next, as your baby will get overloaded with too many words and get confused.

Keep language simple, for example just say “nappy change” rather than “ok, now we’re going to change your bum and put on a new nappy….” I learned this tip in a baby signing class. I’ll add that in my next set of top parenting tips!


More tips to follow!

I can’t believe I’ve only mentioned five parenting tips here, as there are tons more! Seriously I could keep writing, but I really do need to go to bed, especially as my baby will probably be waking up a lot during the night!!

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Bye for now!

Lisa x

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