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It feels like ages since I’ve been here! And yes it has been a little while! I decided to have a little break from blogging to learn my skill better! I did tend to ramble on! Once I started writing I just couldn’t stop! So rather than possibly sending people to sleep, I thought I would stop, reflect and start learning more. (This is in addition to attending to my two little beauties now three and four months old, who are finally peacefully asleep as I write this!)


Busy Day?

My days start at 6:30am when my little boy wakes up and drags me out of bed (God damn light outside! Must buy a new black out blind!) And it ends around 8/9ish once both babes are asleep. My four month old baby girl falls asleep on me breastfeeding then I delicately transfer her to the cot! (So much for not making the same mistake with your second child!!) Thankfully she sleeps well through the night but it can take a few goes to get her to stay asleep in her cot in transit from my arms to the mattress! She normally wakes only once or twice in the night for a quick breastfeed so I can’t complain!

So you can see my mornings, afternoons, evenings and nighttimes are all pretty full! But that’s the good thing about blogging and working for yourself; you can put your work down and pick it up again when your you’re ready!

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To work for yourself you need to have Drive, as that’s what gives you the urge to move forward and a direction to follow. I took this from a blog post from one of my mentors! That’s another thing you need, the ability to be open and learn from others.

So that’s what I’ve spent my rare snippets of spare time doing; reading, watching and learning from others about writing and how I can improve mine. You can learn so much from observing and following others.

If there’s something you’re interested in and you want to become good at it, why not look for role models and experts in that niche and learn from them. Read books and articles, watch videos and just speak/listen to people in person if you can and learn from them. You’ll really widen your knowledge! I have!

I’ll end here for today (woohoo my first post in a while! It’s good to be back!)

Just comment on this post about what you want to be better at and we can look at how and where you can improve! And remember if you want to take a little look at the free 7 day video series about working for yourself, just click here!

Bye for now, Lisa x

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