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Do you always leave things until the last minute?! Are you always late for everything?! When you have a deadline, do you get the job done just in the nick of time, wishing you’d done it earlier so you didn’t feel so rushed and stressed?!

How to stop being late all the time!

The above was me! So I decided to look into whether this was just me being a crazy busy mum with no choice but to always be late with EVERYTHING! Or were there actually things I could do to help me be on time and get things done on time!!


Anyone out there?!

So I thought there must be other people like me who are scatty procrastinating nightmares! No offense! Haha! That’s just how I saw myself when I managed to actually walk away from my house after about three attempts! Yes I have locked the door, walked to the gate, and realised I’d forgotten something different  THREE times! The neighbours must have thought I was potty going in and out of the house!

Top 3 tips for banishing lateness!

So here are my top ideas to help with being late getting to places and leaving things until the last minute!

1. Add on 30 minutes

Whatever time you think you need to leave the house to get somewhere, add on 30 minutes. Then you’ll probably leave at the original time but it means you won’t be late! When I needed to leave by 10:30 to get somewhere for 11:00 I’d actually leave about 10:55 & hope my car clock was 20 mins fast! I’ve found it really does help if you plan to leave 30 minutes earlier than you need to! ‘Plan’ being the operative word! Try it and see if it works for you!

2. Prioritise

Make a list of all the things you need to get done at home so you can see clearly what needs to be done. If there’s work you need to do (in my case a spot of blogging) and you find that you’re doing everything under the sun, BUT your work then stop and look at your list of priorities. Decide what should be done when and for how much time. For example if you need to do some work for your home based business or a (gym) workout, but have a million other things to do, set yourself an hour for your work/exercise then do something else on your list. This way you’ll always get the most important things done, even if just in little chunks. And it’ll save you from being late because you’ve prioritised what you need to do and can be on time!!

3. Treat yourself

Sometimes you just need a little incentive to get your bum into action! If you’ve got a deadline to get something done by but keep putting it off and worrying it’ll be late, then try saying to yourself “If I do this now then I’ll reward myself with a bar of chocolate (my favourite is a Wispa!) or watch that programme I recorded”.  It’s like when you’re a child, to get an ice cream, you quickly eat up the rest of your dinner! This is what my toddler does.  He’ll take forever to eat his dinner or say he’s finished, then as soon as a lolly is offered, he’ll quickly polish off his dinner!

Never be late again!

I’m learning more tips and tricks as I go but I thought I’d share these three tips with you that have helped me! I hope they help you too! For a load more helpful tricks, take a look at this funny and insightful book about being late!

Bye for now & until my next blog!

Lisa x

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