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So this thought just randomly popped into my head the other day, and I thought I’d share it with you! Then literally a day later I stumbled upon a quote which matched this thought! I do love an inspirational quote, don’t you?! This one is all about being kind.

Kind words

“One Kind Word Can Change Someone’s Entire Day” – this was the quote I came across on Pinterest (you can find me @ Blog Loving Mummy if you’d like to see more inspirational quotes!).

For some reason I was thinking the other day about how what we say to people is really important. It’s funny how we can remember certain things from years ago that someone said to us, be it good or bad!

Mean People

I’ll start off with the bad! I remember at school when I must have been about 12-13 years old, a boy in my class was talking to his friends and didn’t realise I could hear him. He said ‘”I hate Lisa Hartley, she’s so …..” He didn’t say the last word as by then he’d noticed I saw and heard him! The lad felt a bit embarrassed after that!

Then more recently there was someone I used to work with who made it obvious she didn’t like me.

Luckily in 36 years I’ve only come across two people who’ve made it obvious they didn’t like my personality, but still it’s a shame that my conscious mind has remembered what these people have said and that their words have stuck with me. They certainly haven’t ruined my life, but if I were a more fragile person they could have really affected me.

So my point in this post today is to watch what you say to people! You never know who you might unknowingly upset by something you say! I’m sure all of you lovely people reading this wouldn’t want to hurt anyone, so just tell this to people you know!!

I would be mortified and feel so guilty if there was something negative I’d said to someone and they vividly remembered it!

Kind Words

On to a more positive note now! The same goes for nice things you say to people! I remember one of my best friends talking on the phone to her friend and she was describing me. She said I was wonderful! (She was drunk at the time, but don’t your true feelings come out then?!) That was about 13 years ago and I still remember it and it makes me feel good. Once a colleague said that I have a calming effect on people, which I thought was rather nice!

You see the picture I’m painting?! What you say to people can really make or break their day, or even life!!

If there’s someone you don’t particularly want to be kind to (like me with those two rude people! I mean, how dare they not like me?!!) then just don’t say anything at all. Like my mum always said “if you’ve got nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all!”

Your Mission

So my mission for you is to be as kind as you can to people! Compliment family, friends, colleagues and even strangers when you notice something about them. It could be what they’re wearing, how they have their hair, a new job they’ve got, something about their personality and so on!

These comments that might be small and nondescript to you could mean the world to them.

As my friends say “Spread The Love”!

Bye for now, Lisa x

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