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You can. End of story.

Good evening! Or morning or afternoon, depending on when you’re reading this!

Just thought I’d do a short video today about trying new things!  Just click on the quote above and it’ll take you to my YouTube video.  I thought this was a good topic to talk about because we’re often scared about trying things because we assume we’re going to fail.  We might think “oh I can’t do stuff like that” or “I’m not very good at that type of thing” but this is all in our heads and we base the future on our past experiences.  Just like if we have been successful in certain areas, for example running, we feel confident that we can do competitions in the future that involve running.

We often live our present and future based on our past experiences good and bad.  This funnily enough is talked about in Anthony Robbins book called Awaken the Giant Within.  I’ll add a link to this book at the bottom if you want to take a look.  I’m in the middle of reading it at the moment and it’s so enlightening and already changing my outlook on life and how I think about everything!  He talks a lot about BS! Belief Systems!

Anyway back to what I was saying!  Because I don’t like asking people to do things for me if I can do them myself, I thought I’d have a go at dismantling my baby’s cot (now he likes to climb in and out of it!) and turning it into a toddler bed. It took over two hours and a bit of muscle from my boyfriend, but I mainly did it myself!  Just like I built my IKEA unit, my baby’s battery control police bike he drives around and also his garden play house!  I thought each of these things have instructions so if I follow them it should be simple.  And more or less, after stressing a little at bits that didn’t make sense, I’d calm myself down and read them again, then eventually I finished them.  I felt amazing afterwards that I’d accomplished things by myself and all it took was believing I could do it.

That’s also how I feel about working for myself.  It’s more of a mental thing than the above physical examples, but at the end of the day it’s still believing in yourself that you CAN do things.  As part of the online marketing business I do from home we also have training on your mindset, because being your own boss isn’t as easy as you think!

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Here’s the link to the brilliant book I mentioned above!

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Bye for now, Lisa x

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