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What are you thoughts on your gut instinct?

Do you…






Go with it?! Sound like a survey don’t I?!

gut instinct glasses

Do you trust your gut instinct?!

Do you believe what your gut is telling you is the right decision and trust it?

I just had a gut instinct situation on Friday so I thought I’d share it with you! It’s not major or life changing but it made me feel good once I’d settled for my choice! MY choice that is, nobody else’s! So after reading this, I hope you go with your gut more, whether it be for small things or big things!

No Sleep!

So Friday I went to the opticians for a contact lenses check-up. I don’t wear them much these days as due to having a little baby and a toddler, I a) don’t get time to put them in and b) my eyes often have to be propped open with matchsticks as I’m soo tired! So putting lenses in is the last thing I want to do!!

That happened again this morning and it doesn’t help when your toddler is trying to prise your eyes open saying “why are your eyes closed mummy?” And I reply inside my head saying “because your little sister kept me up all night and when she finally fell asleep, you woke up an hour later!!!”

But that’s ok! I survived on not much sleep when Tommy was a baby, so what the heck, I can deal with it! And I will get them both back when they’re teenagers! Ha!

New snazzy glasses!

So anyway I digress from my point again! At the opticians I said I wanted to get some new glasses. Good timing as my prescription had actually got a bit worse (after about 10 years of being the same, a.k.a almost blind as a bat!) Also good timing because for that week only they were doing glasses and lenses for half price! Bonus!

So I started at the cheapest end and worked my way up, not even touching Chanel and the other really posh ones! The first and cheapest pair I tried on I really liked! I kept going and ended up picking four pairs and took them to the mirror and lady who was helping me. I quickly eliminated two of them as they were a little Dame Edna esque!

Then I had a hard time choosing between the first pair I picked up (cheapest and actually the most comfortable) which were a mottled brown colour and the last pair (most expensive of the ones I’d chosen). They were a different shape and black and pink in colour.

Decisions, decisions

One on, one off, one on, one off I just couldn’t decide. I asked my boyfriend and the lady who was helping me and they both said the black and pink ones! Then another colleague said the same. However my gut was telling me I really liked the brown mottled ones! I am a bit of a cheapskate so I thought is it because they’re cheaper?! But no, I just really really liked them. When I first tried them on I had a good feeling about them and all the ones after were never as likeable as those!

Me, myself and I!

So in the end I said “I know everyone is saying the black and pink ones, but my gut is telling me to get the brown ones!” Therefore I went against everyone’s else’s opinion and went with my choice! And I feel great! I’m glad I didn’t follow others just because that was the majority vote!

My boyfriend even said “you’ve obviously wrong because everyone else says the other ones”! But I thought my opinion isn’t wrong! MY opinion on MY glasses, that I will wear on MY face is up to ME! I’ll post a pic soon when I get my new glasses!!

So I hope you all go with your gut instinct, even if other people think the opposite to you!”

gut instinct

Feel free to comment and share my post if you think it’s helpful or contact me here.

Bye for now! Lisa x

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