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Do you ever think about the things you don’t have anymore that you didn’t like? Are you grateful for not having to do things anymore that you didn’t enjoy doing? There are some things that I’m so glad I don’t have to do anymore!

Fish Tank

I’ll give you a couple of examples as this very thought struck me the other day!

We look after my dad’s gold fish who is over 20 years old while he spends a few months of the year in Italy. This old codger of a fish has an electric filter which makes the loudest, most irritating grrrrring sound! The tank was very close to the TV and while watching it, all I could here was this monotone infuriating sound! I remember thinking “oh what bliss it’ll be when that noisy fish tank is no longer there!”

And when I first turned it off and heard beautiful silence, I felt so elated and relieved! Don’t worry I didn’t kill the fish! I just emptied the water out so I could move the fish & his tank to the dining room!

For the first day I said to my partner, “how amazing is this not to hear that awful sound anymore?!” However I realised the other day that I don’t even think about it anymore! So that taught me to not only be grateful for what I have, but to be grateful for what I don’t have to have!

Grateful For That Alarm No More!

My second example is that when I was working I used to dread waking up to the alarm! Getting up and out of bed in the cold and dark wasn’t fun! For the first few days I was thankful to not have to set an alarm and get up early (unless my toddler woke me up!) However soon after I seemed to forget about this and just took it for granted.

taught me that everyday I should be grateful that I don’t have to set my alarm for work. And that I can revel in the fact that I can stay at home with my babies! (Or rather go out as we always tend to do!)

They are my no.1 priority in life and I am so ridiculously lucky that I get to spend so much precious time with them!

So these are just my thoughts for the day! I hope my post has been of some help to you and made you think about what to be grateful for, whether it’s for something you’ve got or something you’re glad you haven’t!!

Thank you, Lisa x

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Lisa Hartley