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So today I thought I’d write about my love for not just coffee, but a funky, child friendly, cozy coffee shop! Who knew there would be so many articles on Google about mums who love coffee and shops! So I know it’s not just me, there’s loads of other mummies who take their little ones to them too! The ones I go to have books to read, Wendy houses to play in, and even outdoor sandpits and pirate ships, so I’m not being selfish and taking my kiddies to just somewhere I want to go!

mums love coffee

Are you addicted to coffee shops?!

I do LOVE a coffee shop and their coffee, even to take away! I never did the take out coffee thing when I worked in London (as you see many Londoners do, busily strutting the streets holding their caffe lattes!) but I do feel trendy getting my take out cappuccino!

Coffee has taken over my mind! Whenever I’m out with my bubbas, I find myself thinking and looking around “hmm where’s the nearest coffee shop we can go to….” To me, it’s like chocolate! Maybe that’s why I normally have a mocha! I might say to my partner “can we just pop in here for a bit, or I at least grab a coffee to go?” He has said before, “can you not just make one when you get home?” “What! Instant coffee at home has nothing on a coffee shop coffee, duh!”

Where has this coffee shop phenomenon come from?

Are we copying the Americans from the films when they get a skinny latte with vanilla syrup, grande, soya milk blah blah blah…? Indeed we are! This article from the BBC says that’s exactly where this new found phenomenon has come from! An American businessman traveled to Italy to look at coffee making machines, but he discovered that cafe bars were the heart and soul of the community. They were places where people gathered and socialised. He saw the romance in coffee and took this lifestyle idea back to America with him. A few years later, along came Starbucks – The American Coffee Dream! Read this article by clicking here.

Its not just about ‘having a coffee’, it’s the whole experience of going into the cool funky coffee shop! A couple of miles down the road from me in sunny Southsea (Portsmouth, England) we have many a trendy one! The staff are always friendly too and smile at our crazy loud children!! (They must be really patient people!!) Lots of mums gather at certain coffee shops which shows how much mums love coffee or just love a coffee shop!

Yummy mummies and coffee shops

Even my mummy friends and I discuss which are the best coffee shops as a topic of conversation! And do you even know how excited we get when a new one opens up! There’s a new one in Old Portsmouth called The Canteen, and you can sit under the stone arches right on the water! I love it! Ok that one doesn’t have any books or Wendy houses and could possibly be dangerous for wild-love-to-run-off toddlers, but you can’t win ’em all!

They’re just great places to sit and relax, with books and toys to entertain the little people while you chat with friends. Actually when you have a toddlers with you, maybe ‘relaxing’ isn’t quite the right word! However when it’s just my toddler Tommy, baby Toriana and me, it is quite relaxing! Tommy’s whole life (three years) has been spent trying and testing all these coffee shops with mummy! (We do also go to lots of actual proper baby and toddler groups too!!)

Don’t get me started on the cake!

Oh and don’t forget the cake! Ooh the cakes these days are just works of art! If only I had the skills to bake such cakes! Actually, who cares! Why spend all that time baking and decorating beautiful cakes when I could be stuffing them down my face! While waiting in the queue, I do drool over which cake I’m going to demolish!

Can you afford a coffee?

Another good thing about coffee shops is that it doesn’t matter if you’ve not got much money or if you’re loaded! Everyone can enjoy a caffe latte, tea, mocha, hot chocolate, frappucino, smoothie, juice, babyccino and the list goes on. As it says in the article above, coffee is an affordable luxury.

I stumbled upon this very funny article written by someone who really doesn’t appreciate our new found baby venues!! Oops sorry about that! Haha! Even though I am a culprit, this article did make me laugh! The writer obviously doesn’t like the fact that mums love coffee!

Laptop Lifestyle

Anyway, enough of my ramblings! Who’d have thought I could talk about coffee for so long! One thing I haven’t mentioned is that you could be that mummy in a coffee shop working on her laptop! Rather than working at home, many people love to take their laptop out to a coffee shop and work from there! I shall be doing that when my toddler is at school!

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Other than that, I shall bye for now and see you in my next blog post!

Lisa x

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