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So our beautiful little baby girl arrived 3.5 weeks ago! Yey! Now we are all set, a lovely family of four, one gorgeous little boy and one pretty little girl! I know how blessed and lucky I am to have this!

Obviously having less time now, I’ve not done as much with my online business as before the little lady arrived, but that’s ok because where it’s my own business I can pick it up and put it down as and when I need to! I have my Bing Adverts running which I had set up beforehand so my business can work for itself for a bit without me touching it!

And even now as I write my blog, I’m not taking time away from my babies as Toriana (which is what we’ve called her! My partner Tony and I couldn’t agree on a name initially as he said a definite ‘No’ to my funky random suggestions! But we came across Toriana on an online list of 1000 baby girl names! He stopped his ‘Nos’ and said that sounds nice and could be Tori for short! I instantly loved the name so got it set in stone that’s what we would call her! Pretty and exotic!) Anyway I digress!

So I was saying that I’m not missing out on spending time with my babies as I ‘work’ because I’m typing this on my iPhone whilst cuddling her! She’s just had a feed and doing what all tiny babies do, sleep a lot! More so in the day than at night!

Earlier I listened to a ‘Get Up’ call for 20 minutes by two inspiring people who weekly give us inspirational mindset techniques to follow, so again I listened on my phone with earphones! Within the business I do there’s a mixture of actually doing income producing activities alongside being in the right mindset. I’ve learned that you can do as much work as possible but if you’re not in a positive frame of mind and don’t believe in your business then it’s going to be a losing battle. So thankfully the business I do has tons of training for both sides!

Back to baby! So this little beaut came 5 days early and arrived in an hour & 45 minutes, start to finish! Sorry I’m not boasting that the labour was so quick as it was still crazily painful!

My little boy woke up at 2:30am so I went in to see him after going to the loo, but that’s when my waters broke! A few minutes later I had my first contraction then six minutes later I had the next one, four minutes later the next one, then two minutes later the next one!!! Little Tommy is asking for cuddles as I’m on all fours in a load of pain! Tony calls his parents to get round here but the taxi takes over half an hour! I put my TENS machine on managing to electrocute Tony with the pads as I was in a rush to get it on! It was hard saying bye to Tommy as he’s crying as we’re leaving for the hospital. Amazingly he stayed up watching tv with the grandparents until he zonked on nanny’s shoulder at 7:50am!

So I can’t sit down in the car therefore I kneel on the front seat with my back to the windscreen with my eyes closed praying we’ll be at the hospital soon! Thankfully it’s around 3am so no traffic on the roads! After initially getting out at the wrong entrance that was closed, we made it to the right one, dumped the car outside reception, Tony ran in to grab a wheelchair and found a couple of nurses who we followed to the maternity ward, us zooming along with the wheelchair and the nurses running! I get on the bed and I’m fully dilated!! So I get on with pushing and with help from the TENS machine and gas & air, she’s out not long later! Phew! The cord was wrapped around her neck twice so she didn’t cry straight away which was scary but the amazing midwife jiggled her about and she soon made her first noise! Ahh relief our little bubba was ok! What a whirlwind!

So now we have two heathy happy babies, I’m so relieved I never have to go through labour again! Haha! How people go through labour lots of times, I don’t know! I take my hat off to them being the wimp that I am! Lol!

I hope you found my labour story entertaining!

Feel free to get in touch if you’re interested in looking at being a work from home mum too and then it’d be great to hear your labour story!

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Thank you for reading & hopefully chat to you soon!

Lisa x

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