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Frustrated mumHi there fellow network marketing mums!

If you’ve come across this post I’m guessing you are feeling like I have about your network marketing/MLM business?!  Just click on the picture to your right and it will take you to my video blog about this subject!

Did you start your business after becoming a mum to earn extra income or to replace your income with the aim of not going back to work?  Me too!

Even though I found it way more difficult than I imagined, I still believe in the company and the products (if you’re into your health and wellness and/or love aloe vera feel free to take a look at my website or! Still in process of setting the former up so bear with me!)

Because I found I wasn’t really getting anywhere except feeling frustrated, annoyed and upset, then when I came across an online advert about how I could improve my business I thought I may as well take a look.  I came across an online marketing business where you learn about affiliate marketing which is basically advertising other people’s products and making a commission.  My mentors discuss how this all works over seven videos in a free training series.  After watching these I was excited by the prospect of earning money literally from my laptop or tablet!

It means I don’t have to contact everyone I know and tell them about the benefits of joining me, or try to persuade friends to host parties, or hold table tops where I lose money paying for the table and don’t make any sales!

My work now is blogging, video blogging, distributing these two and my website on free syndication sites and also advertising online through Facebook adverts, search engine adverts, solo ads and more.  I’m totally not an IT or technical person, so I’m glad everything is explained clearly in the many live and recorded online trainings.

Because of the extremely invaluable knowledge about online marketing and advertising I’m gaining, it means I CAN continue to build my network marketing business and recommend the products that I like to use myself without feeling like I’m trying to be a salesperson (which is so not me!)

So I’ll leave you to look at the videos from Stuart and Jay, you should receive one each day for seven days.  Please check your spam in case you don’t receive them as you won’t have received an email from me before!  Just Click Here for link to register for the videos and enter your email address.

Thank you and please do feel free to contact me directly by adding a comment to this blog, to my YouTube video (feel free to subscribe to my channel Lisa Hartley) or via my Contact Me page.

Thank you for watching and reading and chat to you soon!

Lisa x