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Who is Lisa Hartley?

Is being a work from home mum something you’d love to do?


Do you wish you didn’t have to go out to work so you could spend more quality time with your children?

That’s me too! And here’s a picture of me so if we chat on Skype or Facetime, you know what I look like! 

Right now, I am a bit of a scatty mum with a four year old little boy and a 18 month old little girl! I’ve got these beautiful, yet rather crazy monkeys hanging off me pretty much all the time! So alongside my part time job, doing the cooking and housework etc, there’s just a miniscule amount of time left for me to work on my online business!

So in my spare moments of time (generally the evenings, like now when I’m writing this) I work on my home based businesses which may involve writing a blog post, finding interesting, funny and helpful quotes or tips for mums to post on my social media, or having appointments over the phone or in person where I help people save money on their bills and shopping.

Working at your own home based business means that you can be earning an income, showing up as a role model for your children all while getting to spend lots of precious time with them. Also think of the money you could save on childcare!

Below is a pic of my little ones and me spending the day at the beach during the summer holidays! I thought where can we go that’s not too hectic now the schools are out!!

A little bit about me… being painfully shy and quiet as a child, I never really had big dreams. I remember thinking being a PA/administrator would be a good job for me so I wouldn’t have to speak out or do anything that would push me out of my comfort zone. What a way to think!

So limiting and soul destroying. But thankfully over the years, I have become much more self confident. And this is why I wanted to be a work from home mum so that I can take my children to lots of groups, playdates and places for them to socialise, interact, learn and build their confidence early! So far, so good, they’re both crazy loud nutters!

Anyway, enough about me, I’d love to hear from you and your story! Contact me here.