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Would you Love to be a Work From Home Mum?

So you don’t have to miss out on the most

important years of your children’s lives…



Hi, I’m Lisa. Are you a Mummy/Mommy/Mama looking for some help in life?! Help, in the form of:

  1. Coping with Motherhood in general
  2. Wanting a better lifestyle for you and your family
  3. Needing more money for everyday expenses and to be able to provide more for your family
  4. Or all of the above?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! But first, tell me if any of these relate to you…   

You’re out at work (all day) and you’re paying a ridiculous amount of money for childcare

You can’t afford for the family to go on holidays or pricey days out or to keep up with life’s necessities

You’re on maternity leave and the thought of going back to work makes you feel heartbroken

You want to do something to add to the household income, be a role model and/or feel like YOU 

You have a job/boss that makes it difficult for you to take time off for assembies, sports days, sickness

You already have your own home based business (possibly in MLM) and you want to give it a boost

Being a Mum

It is absolutely wonderful, as well as rather crazy, very emotional and financially draining!!

The picture below is literally me right now!  A mum working on my laptop in the evening once my children are asleep.  I do have brown eyes and brown hair but I’m not looking quite as glam as the mum in the pic right now!  More like glasses on, no make-up and sat in my dressing gown!  So nice and cozy ready to do a bit of work!

And by work I mean..


promoting companies’ products & services

posting on social media

helping friends, family and anyone else to save money on bills and shopping

That’s how I work from home and how you can too, if any of the above pain points relate to you and you’re ready to change that!!


You may be thinking, ‘how can I make money from blogging?’ (basically writing about anything in an informal, chatty way) or ‘who wants to hear what I have to say?’

But You Can and They Do!

Within your blog posts, you insert links to products and services that you recommend and make commissions if people make a purchase after clicking one of your links. This is callled Affiliate Marketing

Amazon has a great affiliate programme which is free for everyone to sign up to.

Head over to my Blog page to see some of my posts!

To find out more about setting up and earning an income through Blogging, just click here and The Realistic Mama will reveal all! I took her course and learned SO much from it!

Helping People To Save Money On Bills & Shopping


Work From Home

It’s work you can do from your phone, tablet or laptop flexibly around your lifestyle and for as many hours as you want to, so it doesn’t interfere with your family time.  All you need is an internet connection and you can work from anywhere!

Looking forward to chatting with you!  Contact me here!

Lisa x