Fancy becoming a Work From Home Mum?

Imagine being set up comfortably at home with your tablet, laptop or phone being able to earn an income online…

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You get to spend lots of time with your children because you can fit your work around them rather than fit them around your work…

You can go to baby & toddler groups everyday, make sports days and assemblies, be able to collect your children from school when poorly, and basically just be around for them…

Thats my ideal life, all while building a digital career! Continue reading to learn more about how this could be you.

Work from home mum


FREE 7 Day Video Series

Over the next seven days you’ll get to be inspired by amazingly simple techniques about how you can earn an income online. My mentors Stuart and Jay have created this video boot camp to explain how affiliate marketing works and how you can relate it to You. Just click here and then enter your name and email address for access to their videos.

As I mention on my Welcome page, my work entails blogging, posting on social media sites, creating adverts, watching online training and promoting companies’ products & services.

Another Way

The Internet has created so much opportunity and the digital economy is a great place to be right now, whether you’re a work from home mum or a baby boomer. Ex-army people, students, baby boomers, ex-corporate businessmen & women and so on can all take advantage of this digital revolution!

About Me

My name is Lisa Hartley and after having my beautiful baby boy in 2014, I didn’t want to go back to work. I wanted to spend as much time as possible with him.  I joined a network marketing business as I thought it was a fantastic idea and a no brainer!

Maybe you know yourself if you’ve been in the same situation, but not everyone was as enthusiastic as I was! So I found it quite difficult to sell products and recruit team members.

Online Marketing

So then, possibly like you now I came across an advert from another mum about working from home and how to boost my network marketing business online.  I subscribed to the 7 day video series to see what it was all about.

I felt as excited as a child at Christmas after watching the videos! Also I had a sense of relief and trust that there was something out there that could really help me.  It seemed straightforward enough for a non-technical person like me!

These 7 videos will show you what’s required to build a successful business online that you can adapt to subjects you’re interested in. For example it could be your network marketing business, handmade jewellery, nappy cakes, acupuncture and so on!

Do I Need To Be Technical?

You don’t need to be technical as all that ‘techy stuff’ is done for you. The bits you do need to know are laid out in simple to follow training modules. There are also live training webinars that you can participate in if you like, all hosted by digital experts.

To find out more for yourself if you think this could be the answer to your predicament, just click here. Otherwise enter your name and email address in the form below and you’ll receive this fabulous FREE 7 day video series!

After watching the videos and deciding this isn’t for you, then you’ve lost nothing and gained some free internet marketing experience.

Enjoy and I hope to speak to you very soon!

Please do contact me via the contact page or email me at lisa@lisa-hartley.com.

Thank you, Lisa x

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